Marg G. ~

"When you walk in the door of Dr. Bradford Heath's office you are welcomed hospitably by Dyan. She welcomes you with a smile and chats with you like you are her best friend. This puts me at ease while waiting for my hurting tooth, or just a minor filling.

Dr. Brad, as I know him takes time to sit and chat to find out what would be the most cost-effective and best dental work for each patient. I am in love with him, as Charlee says he has quite a following.
Rachel is a top-notch dental assistant. She anticipates and is ready with the proper equipment to facilitate Dr. Brad's work.
Diane, the hygienist, is friendly and very professional. She doesn't hurt when I have my teeth cleaned, but I know they have been cleaned when I leave the office.

The office feeds lots of Hummingbirds, there are 3 feeders, one in front of each operatory, and 1 
in front of the reception window....4 ~ 32oz. feeders!!! Constant entertainment.
it is a constant source of enjoyment to watch while in the chair. The feeders have at least 
10 feeding stations, and the birds never let you down they are always there,
 sometimes every feeder hole has a bird on it! There are migratory Rufus
just like the one's pictured on the left. I've never seen anything like it!

​                                      Julie C. ~
​I just love that my kids LOVE coming in to see Dr. Brad, I came with my parents to see Dr. Ralph and now my kids have come since about 3 years, now they have kids who will be coming too! 
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