​In 1963 my father Dr. Ralph Heath, graduated from UCSF and while our current Concord, CA dentist office was being built, he worked in a shared office in Antioch for about 6 months. I was 11 when he became a Dentist. I used to accompany my dad to the office when he had Emergencies in the beginning. Soon after, when I was about 12 years old I began doing lab work for my dad. My first project was Vampire teeth for a science fair project. Shortly then after I began to construct retainers for orthodontics, and cast Gold Crowns for my dad's patients. Having access to a full lab within the office gave me inspiration to use my imagination in creating full face masks, dentures and other types of artistic projects. I graduated from U.C Davis with a Bachelor degree in Biological Science with extra training in Nutrition, Chemistry, and Physiology . From there I worked until I realized I really wanted to do family dentistry in Concord. I graduated from University of the Pacific in San Francisco in 1987, and came to this current office location in 1988. I believe that I carry the same traditional values that my father used here in his practice for 36 years before he retired in 1999. I have used my many hours of study to increase my knowledge and use every day in my practice.

My degrees allow me to determine the body's interpretation of medications, the use of different medications when mixed together, what organs they affect, and how to advise my patients while on those medications in regards to their dental health. I really love what I do as a dentist in Concord, CA and I appreciate the chance to be able to do this for the patients and families who come to see me. I treat every patient and potential patient like I would my family. I choose the same treatment options as I would for myself or my sister. If possible, I like to give a minimum of three treatment options to my patients, so that there is at least one that we are all comfortable with. Good dental health is for everyone. We have completed several large treatment plans donated by my team to those in need. We have worked closely with the Battered Women's Shelter, and some cases for the State of California. I have been an expert witness for a couple of cases as well.

We all say at the end of each day to one other, have a great night, stay safe, see you tomorrow! We can sleep well knowing we have done the best for each and every patient we see, every day. I have a great support structure within my team, Dyan, my sister and Office Manager for 37 years and also my assistant for the last 2 plus years. I have 2 Hygienists on my team, Daniel who has been with us 16 years, and Diane 15 years.  I couldn't do it without this great team!
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