What we are known for at Bradford A. Heath family dentistry in Concord is our Root Canal AVOIDANCE THERAPY, WHICH DR. HEATH DESIGNED HIMSELF.  With the help of a pharmacist, Dr. Heath designed a special blend of medicaments to assist in this procedure.  This therapy calms and allows a badly damaged pulp to possibly be regenerated and SAVED from a root canal when our home care directions are followed exactly. We consider ourselves a "full-service" office. The only treatments our Concord, CA dentist does NOT do are the Surgical Placement of an implant (into the bone), but we are about to move forward on that as well!!!  Not included in our practice are Full Orthodontic Bands,  Periodontal Surgery or Invisalign. The treatments we DO perform include the following:

  • Cleanings/Prophys                                                    Treatment of Non~Descript facial pain
  • X-rays                                                                        Snore guards/Night Guards/Sleep Guards
  • Tooth-colored Fillings (Composites)                          Over Dentures (leaving some remaining root tips under the denture  
  • Cosmetic Dentistry                                                     to preserve future Bone Levels)
  • Root Canals ~ Endodontics (adult and child)             Immediate Dentures (Extractions of remaining ill teeth and delivery 
  • Crowns                                                                       of the Dentures in the same day)
  • Bridges                                                                       Immediate Partials (Placing a partial denture for missing teeth where
  • Hemisections                                                              there are also Healthy teeth present)
  • Apicoectomies                                                            Night Guards for Bruxizm ~ Grinding
  • Root Amputation                                                       
  • Crown Lengthening                                                      
  • Periodontal Scaling (Root Planing) under Anesthetic                                                ******* We provide      
  • Sealants                                                                                                                                Nitrous Oxide 35.00 per 15 min.
  • Extractions of all kinds : (Routine, Surgical, Wisdom teeth, Root tips)                                 Conscious Sedation/pill form only 
  • Dentures and Partial Dentures
  • Tooth Whitening (Take home kit)
  • Dental Implants (Crown portion)                                     

  • Our dentist in Concord, CA and our entire team are committed to providing you and your family with the highest quality of dental care. Our team is there to help make you as comfortable as possible in our caring atmosphere.
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